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Violet Light Chakra Meditation

Allowing violet light into all the chakras.

Sales price: £5.00

Pyramid of Light Meditation

Stand in the centre of the pyramid of light, remember who you are and expand the light.

Sales price: £5.00

Golden Chamber of Healing Meditation

A journey under the water to a golden city where you enter a healing chamber in a golden pyramid.

Sales price: £5.00

Top ten Products

01. The Sun - I Am

An acknowledgement of our "I Am"ness. Yellow is the colour of joy, intellect and brightness. This bottle will clear confusion and fear and bring back the joy.

Sales price: £28.00

Who Am I Meditation

Journey across the sea into a temple where an ancient master awaits to remind you of who you are and what you came to do.

Sales price: £5.00

Flame of Transformation Meditation

Sales price: £5.00