Hayden Crawford
Wellness Coach, Colour Mirrors Practitioner & Trainer
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Websites: www.dreemtimeacademy.com.au
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Phone: 0403158287

Dreemtime Academy was founded in 2015 by Hayden Crawford, a Wellness Coach specialising in Colour Therapy. It is a unique, wellness school helping you to become the best version of yourself by expanding your consciousness.

Dreemtime Academy offers a selection of transformational online courses, workshops and products to help you to release out-dated beliefs, patterns and behaviours so that you can find purpose on your journey.

By letting go of resistance, self-sabotaging cycles, fear and self-doubt you clear the way to live a life of unconditional love, joy and fulfilment.

This alignment to your true, authentic self, will ripple out into the world around you, helping you to raise the vibration of the planet.