Katharine Bork
Teacher and Therapist

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My name is Katharine and after 30 years of nursing and my recent studies in Colour Psychology and Numerology, and with my completion of the Color Mirrors Practitioner and Teachers Program, it is my new found goal to use all the radiant shades of our natural rainbow to guide, support, heal and enlighten all willing clients.

Through Colour Analysis, I strive to empower you to authentically thrive in all relationships in your life. I can help individuals identify their personal roles in repeating unhealthy patterns, to find new roads to harmony and freedom, and uncover complete potential in yourself. It is my belief system that colour can awaken you to experience a more joyful and tranquil existence.

Katharine has developed a unique program titled Come meet the Author of your life's story...you. This program takes you through a supportive group dynamic, a 19-week journey of self-discovery of how you have created your life's reality and how to consciously create the next chapters of your life. Katharine also provides individual colour therapy sessions.

Allow the colour experience to awaken your potential and reclaim your personal power! You have all the answers inside of you! Live a more joyful life!

Katharine resides in the village of Ballinafad, Ontario with her husband, Greg. She is an extremely proud mother of two magnificent young sons. Her husband and boys are the light of her life.