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White Lightening Communications
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Amy Bell considers herself to be a part of the raising “multipotentiality” trend. Her creative curiosity lead her to explore a trifecta of interests spinning them into a successful, fulfilling career in Publishing, Design and colour healing.  

She is Publisher and Creative Director for her new magazine United Colours of Design. A resource helping creative professionals go from starving to THRIVING with meticulously curated content from Design Mentors, Business Experts, Lifestyle Columnists and inspiration through the Featured Artist Gallery. She started this publication because she was compelled to open a deeper conversation about colour and how it impacts a creative’s designs, artforms, mood and journey on this planet.

Amy also considers herself to be an Enchanted Graphic Artist, designing in the areas of marketing and advertising for over 30 years. Her design firm, White Lightning Communications has created multi-dimensional, enriched brand stories for many clients looking to add a little soul to their business with the Branding with Soul™ Analysis. (see below for link to more info on this product)

For the last five of those 30 design years, she immersed herself in the psychology of colour by studying and becoming a practitioner and teacher of the Colour Mirrors system. She now uses the psychology of colour to support her business clients in identifying auspicious colour selections and brand clarification as well as personal readings for those seeking spiritual awakening.

Currently, Amy is building a course to teach creative professionals how to incorporate the energy of colour and numerology into their business. When complete, each student will be able to add many services including the Branding with Soul™ Analysis, to their business as tools to earn additional income outside of, but aligned with their current offerings. To be included in the updates for this course, kindly send me an email expressing your interest.

Amy lives just outside of Toronto Canada and is a proud mama to two fabulous young men who are now successfully and happily adulting… millennial style! She is also a kid-approved, super-fun step-mom to two most fabulous boys and Queen to the kindest, most supportive, loving King of her dreams.

Most popular services:

For business owners: The Branding with Soul™ Analysis, a twenty page colour report and 90 minute session that combines marketing expertise and the teachings of the Colour Mirrors system. For more information and to book your session click here:

For personal growth seekers: Amy’s most requested private service is the Soul Reading. Looking at your name and birthday through the lens of colour reveals hidden gifts that will be incredibly useful as you navigate your journey on this planet. For more information and to book your session click here: