MelissieJolly 2019 Small
Teacher and Therapist
South Africa - Western Cape

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Phone: +27 (0) 283 410343
Mobile: +27 (0) 837 776 174

Melissie is the founder of Colour Mirrors and lives in Stanford, near Cape Town where she manufactures the bottles of oils and essences. Melissie studied Psychology and Fine Art and had a desire to combine her knowledge into some form of colour healing. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Melissie went to England to study Colour Therapy. Melissie is a well known and respected expert in the field of Colour Therapy. She openly and lovingly shares her many years of experience and knowledge with all her practitioners, ensuring that they reach the highest level of colour education.

Melissie presents the full range of Colour Mirrors courses and is the only person presenting Colour 3 Teachers courses and the 5 day advanced Colour Ray workshop. Melissie offers life changing readings in person and by email.