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At WSL we encourage you to dig a bit deeper and be courageous. Whoever you are, whatever you do, regardless of your stage of life greater contentment and effectiveness can be yours when you learn how to truly accept yourself. We help you through a process of re-membering who you really are. This comes through supporting you to let go of the conditioned responses you learnt when you were younger as well as enabling you to see the unconscious patterns that are influencing how you see life and the choices that you make. We do this primarily through coaching with colour as well as fire walking and the use of other empowerment and motivational tools.

We co-founded Colourful Classrooms, a project that includes an 8 week programme we take into schools to build emotional resilience in young people; other elements include specific training for teachers. Recently we launched Colourful Parenting a 2 day experiential or 8 week course for parents as we take a systemic view to child development.

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