Alka Dharam

Teacher and Therapist
United Kingdom: Devon and Cornwall

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Skype: alka0760
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Phone: +44 (0) 7874 693319

Alka Dharam :

  • Colour Mirrors Practitioner/ Teacher /Teacher of Advanced Colour /Golden Keys Facilitator/ Workshop facilitator
  • Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant
  • Sound and Advanced Sound Therapist

I was a solicitor for 28 years specialising in complex family and child protection cases. Being highly sensitive from an early age I carried on my spiritual practises alongside a demanding career. However, increasing constraints imposed externally hindered client care and did not rest well with me. In 2010 after a meditation session I was guided to voluntarily leave my employment which I did within 2 days, having no plans or idea what Life had in store for me.

Shortly afterwards in 2010 I had an awakening which propelled me to even further evaluate Life, myself and what was Truth. The masks and saboteurs were relentlessly removed, layer by layer. I was then lead to various people and situations to find my true vocation, where I could help others become more empowered to lead a fulfilled and expansive life.

I first came across Colour Mirrors on receiving attunements as a Reiki and Seichem Master in 2014. Colour Mirrors essences were sprayed by the Master attuning me and the change in energy was tangible. I attended an intensive Practitioner's course the next month. This course contained many "eureka" moments and I instinctively knew that I had to teach it. I completed the teacher training course the following year. I took every course that I could, immersing myself in the colour journey and uncovering the knowledge of colour within me.

Along with assisting clients, I have found Colour Mirrors invaluable in my own personal journey. It has empowered me in accessing my inner Self to find the answers within and to rise out of that which no longer is true for me.

I love how the Colour Mirrors system gets to the root of any issue, uncovering even the parts that we hide from ourselves, leading to almost effortless healing, greater self-awareness and a rise in consciousness. Colour Mirrors spirals us out of blocked emotions and those areas in which we are stuck,empowering and healing all at once. It is always a joy to see clients access their innate wisdom, feel empowered and in a state of Wellbeing. This can happen within one session.

I am also an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant and have assisted clients with a range of problems such as arthritis, joint pain, muscular pain, pulmonary and circulatory issues, insomnia, weight loss, anxiety, palpitations, chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause, adverse reactions to vaccinations and medication, trauma, IBS etc. using a combination of diet, lifestyle changes, herbs, yoga and breathing exercises. A detailed pulse diagnosis can also reveal areas in a client’s life which can become unstuck and healed also through the medium of Colour Mirrors.

I am a qualified Sound Therapist to Advanced Sound level, to heal anything from physical and emotional symptoms to deep rooted trauma. Prior to a session when a client picks a Colour Mirrors bottle, invariably the issue revealed by their choice is what we work with within the session.

Contact me for:

  • 1:1 sessions in person or by Skype/Zoom. These sessions include colour readings and healing
  • Workshops, from introductory workshops to Practitioners level, Advanced Colour Combinations, Colour and Numerology, Expansion Through Colour, Empowerment Through Colour, Chakra healing Through Colour, Golden Keys.
  • I also offer 1-1 in-person Practitioners courses on request. The venue is in beautiful North Cornwall, with plenty of nearby scenic , natural, coastal and historical places to visit. All-inclusive accommodation is also available.