Emily Smith
Qualified Colour Mirrors Practitioner
United Kingdom
Emily Rose: Interior Design Colourfully
Website: www.emilyroses.co.uk
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Instagram: @the_energyofspaces
Phone: 07487602356

LIVING Colourfully: Creative empowerment for you and your home

Emily tie’s together her technical expertise of Interior Architecture alongside her holistic and wellbeing training in Colour Mirror to provide creative consultancy package experiences for home owners, individuals and families. For one room or the whole house, her insights and knowledge can have a significant impact on your wellbeing and daily life whilst adding value to your property.

Our environment is a reflection of our true identity from within. And our home’s are the best place to truly express who we are …….

LIVING Colourfully is an intuitive, exploratory, playful journey guiding you to creative empowerment through the amazing process of Interior Design Colourfully, improving spaces from the inside out. Make confident decisions about the look and feel of your house. Make your house feel like a home, all whilst Emily guides you through simple steps to improve function, space, flow, light and colour schemes that change your emotions and feelings.

Creating beautiful spaces within and around you! Grow, transform and glow like never before and feel happier at home, within you and in many other aspects of your life.

Also available:

WORKING Colourfully: Corporate Creative Business Development

LITTLE ONE’S LIVING Colourfully: Children’s Creative Empowerment at home for bedrooms and playrooms.