Trainer of Colour Mirrors Teachers Emily Roses 2023 013
Colour Mirrors Teacher & Practitioner
EFT Level 2

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Phone: 07487 602356

Colour Mirrors found me in 2017 and life has never been the same since. It is such a beautiful modality to open you up to a very different way of being.

I founded my soul business as a way to bridge my interior design career (of 15 years) with the powerful energy of colour. I now offer a range of services just for you, your home and / or your business space, so that you can live and work in symbiotic harmony with your external surroundings.

I am so passionate about guiding you back home - to you!

Available just for you:

1:1 sessions and group workshops
Colour Mirrors trainings: Expansion through Colour, Colour Practitioner, Colour Teacher & Golden Keys

Avaialbe for your home or business space:

Divine design with Colour Mirrors
Energy space clearing with Colour Mirrors