CM HelenWilliams 2020Colour Mirrors Teacher and Practitioner
Usui Reiki Master with Colour
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Numerology with Colour
Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy

Near Guildford, Surrey
07907 988999
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I discovered the magical energy of colours over 25 years ago. Life took me on a detour of exploration into the worlds of sales, hospitality, travel and teaching and challenging relationships.

All along the way, I gained knowledge, experience and qualifications in the complementary and spiritual worlds.

I found myself replaying the same record over and over and being faced with bigger and more traumatic challenges. Having explored all sorts of therapies and methods for personal growth, nothing compared to or was as effective as the most joyous and magically powerful clearing effects of the frequency and vibration of the colours.

Once you appreciate that everything in the universe is energy and vibration, you can take back responsibility, which is only the ability to respond, for creating your own reality reflection.

Thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic (energy in motion) so the frequency we put out comes back to us. Simple as that...Colour shows us a way to Enlightenment - to remember and rediscover our true authentic selves and to find our way back to LOVE.

Dis-ease manifests as a result of stress and negative programming. Clear the program, clear the dis-ease. The body expresses as a metaphor externally what is in turmoil within the heart, soul and psyche.

The colours help us to reconnect with our heart and soul and live in true balance with ourselves. They help us identify and clear old, blocked, stuck patterns and programs. Then we can manifest all the Joy, Health, Love and Abundance we could ever desire and live life fully PRESENT in the NOW.