Teacher & Therapist Alexia
Teacher of Colour Mirrors Practitioners & Expansion Through Colour as well as other energy medicine  & colour courses

Website: www.LexyWrenSillevis.com
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Mobile: 07429884824
Instagram: @lexywrensillevis

Hello and welcome here, my name is Alexia. I believe in the power of the whole and of gathering together in sacred union to do the deep work of remembering our souls’ purpose and our infinite divinity. I believe the Colour Mirrors System is unique in bringing embodied understanding of our human condition and our starry beginnings and can bypass our barriers to access our deep rooted patterns and behaviours in the safest and purest of ways. It is a revelation to work this way! And most often, a delight.

Since childhood I have connected to other space and time, (though I kept this mostly to myself as you can imagine!!) but only when my Colour Mirrors journey began did I fully remember my self and start to see synchronicity everywhere, pull down light language, feel divine and human equally (most days!) and find my ease of holding big space for clients’ ancestors, past lives, sacred animals, companions, angels and guides.

This journey is delicious, sacred and humbling and I invite you to it, knowing it will transform how you feel about everything.

I am no longer doing one to one sessions but I am offering three Practitioner trainings a year in London as well as other courses I’ve created, including: Colour Mirrors for Kids: how to bring more colour into your family (2 day); The Flow: Colour & Movement (2 day); Colour Mirrors as everyday tools (2 day); Colour Mirrors for Couples: bottles in the bedroom (2 day).

I would be honoured to work with you. I keep my courses limited to 6 people at a time. Please join a circle with me sometime soon. We tend to laugh a lot, hug a lot, make a huge amount of herbal tea and cry sometimes - I hold a safe space for you to be yourself - and I can’t wait to co-create with you. Let’s continue to raise the vibration every day - For the good of all. To your journey, with warmth,
Alexia x