Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Holistic/Spiritual Life Coach & Yoga Instructor
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Instagram: I_am_Surrendertolove

My name is Marisa Wieckowska and I am a Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Holistic/ Spiritual Life coach and a Yogi.  I aspire to help others find their true life’s purpose and to help guide those to come into the light of their own authentic power and true self.

I have evolved and expanded through the years travelling around the world guided by my past life regressions. Teachings in yoga and spiritualism have helped me to unlock my true wisdom within, truth of who I am and why I am here to serve and help fellow beings.

I like working with the Colour Mirrors system as they reflect back unto you a mirror image of what you are facing and helps you to clear any blockages /dilemmas that you are dealing with. In order to evolve, one must clear and work through certain patterning to enable oneself to break through these elements to see the light and learn to surrender to love.   

Love is all you need to light your way.