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I first came across Colour Mirrors in 2002 when Melissie Jolly was exhibiting in Cornwall. At that time the system consisted of just bottles 1 to 33! As a visual person I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous vibrant colours and found the reading I had with Melissie totally fascinating. Also, as an Astrologer I loved it that the system contained bottles for the Planets and Elements along with the meaningful and extraordinary connections with Numerology. Synchronicity has always played a magical role in my relationship with Colour Mirrors.

It was natural for me to combine the Colour with Astrology and early on I created a series of Colour and Astrology workshops that form the CM Colour and Astrology training. Many memorable workshops and trainings followed in various parts of the world, many as a participant and some as a teacher. The Colour Mirrors group really does feel like a family for me and I feel that such special, sensitive and intuitive souls respond to and are drawn to the colours.

The Colour Mirrors system has evolved and grown tremendously over the years to be a true reflection of our experience and companion on our collective journey as we raise our frequency and consciousness. It feels like this system had to be born at this time to support our challenging and extraordinary collective transition.

I have worked as a consultant Astrologer for over 25 years now, deepening my study, practice and personal journey over the years. I do one-to-one Colour and Astrology sessions either by Zoom, Skype or in person and many clients choose to have these on a regular basis for support and expansion as they create the highest expression of their lives.

In addition to the CM Colour and Astrology training courses I also offer the Practitioner training in Colour Mirrors and Expansion Through Colour workshops. I particularly love to create workshops that combine Colour and Astrology in response to the collective call of the moment.

As well as the Colour Mirrors training courses, my background and training includes a Psychology BSc from University College London and training in Astrology from the Mayo school, the Centre for Psychological Astrology and the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

Also, I love to write and for some years I wrote Astrology sun sign columns for the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror as a ghost writer. More recently I have been drawn to write about the current collective Astrology with the aim of providing support, insight and guidance as we navigate these unusual times.

Colour forms such an integral part of our life experience and can be a powerful and dynamic catalyst for change and healing. Colour Mirrors opens the door in any therapeutic session, whether this is the Emotional Freedom technique, Reiki, sound healing, psychotherapy or even play therapy with children and is a wonderful tool to incorporate into your existing work.

I invite you to get in touch with me and explore how you might deepen your experience of Colour whether this is a one-to-one session, a workshop or a training course.