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Colour Mirrors found me early in 2007. I saw these gorgeous colour bottles laid out on a pristine white table cloth at a fair, took one look, and fell in love. By the end of that weekend, I had signed up for practitioner training, and teacher training following soon after that.

How many times have you tried to ‘step into your power’? Easy enough to say, but what if you just can’t get there, no matter how much personal development you do? It’s not because you’re weak, or a victim. It’s because your ability to hold your power has actually been crushed by experiences of trauma, oppression, violation or your environment.

This phenomenon is something I experienced first hand, thirty years ago as a female scientist in the ‘Boys’ Club’ world of engineering, and again at a more profound level following the sudden death of my young daughter. Being disconnected from our true power creates anxiety, imposter syndrome, burnout, chronic fatigue, difficulty speaking up and standing up to people, inability to attract love and money, or a feeling that it’s deeply unsafe to be seen and heard. We simply don’t have enough inner power to hold our own boundaries, space and voice. Women are particularly susceptible to this when they go up against the status quo, as I had done in my scientific career.

My own twenty year journey to reclaim my life took me deep into the power dynamics of our inner and outer worlds. I discovered how to rewire this subtle circuitry, making it feel safe to hold our divine power again.

And so I found myself a Power Alchemist instead of a scientist!

Today Colour Mirrors is an integral part of my work. Colour allows us to work deeply in the cellular memory. It enhances quantum energy repatterning, and it eases the process of transmuting our power-draining experiences. It is a kaleidoscope of healing that makes transformation graceful and assured.

I’m the author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’ which shows women how to thrive out in patriarchal or toxic environments, and I’m the founder of The Re-Power® healing modality.

Reach out to me for 1:1 power healing and mentoring, ‘power first aid’ sessions, colour and numerology, group programmes and power workshops.

Together we restore the flow of divine feminine and masculine at your core, heal your power centres, and give you the safety and freedom to be yourself and shine without limitation. This is when abundance and resilience returns to your life, no matter what you’ve been through.