Colour Mirrors Teacher and Therapist
Trauma & Grief Specialist  
Usui & Angelic Reiki Master, Advanced EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Heal Your Birth, Light Matrix, Meta Health Practitioner, Picture Tapping

United Kingdom - Priddy - Somerset
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Phone: +44 7775 674999
Instagram: @amothersawakeningjourney
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As a Colour Therapist & Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Psychologist using EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and Heal Your Birth techniques,  I have been supporting, guiding and empowering women and mothers for 16 years.  I am passionate about helping you heal your trauma, showing you that you can live a joyful, happy, healthy life again. 
I support, guide and empower women and mothers anywhere along their mothering journey or their relationship with their mother or who’ve experienced a sudden life changing event or trauma to overcome the emotional hurdles so they can live in love and joy again.
Working with mothers with anything birth related is an honour and joy, from trying to conceive, in-utero, traumatic birth and the journey that follows...
By seeing the bigger picture from our Soul’s perspective and our Soul’s Purpose in this life and the contracts we agreed it allows us to release judgement and free us from where we may be stuck holding on to our sabotaging, limiting negative beliefs from our past experiences and what it meant to us, enabling us to move forward creating a new reality and vision.
The beauty and magic of colour and especially the Colour Mirrors system with its unique energy and frequency allow the unravelling of our many threads woven into our tapestry of our journey and allow the transformation in such a gentle, comforting, loving and reassuring but extremely powerful and insightful way!
I offer 1:1 sessions, Courses & Workshops online and in-person in the beautiful Mendips in Somerset.
absolutely love teaching the many courses of the Colour Mirrors system: 
Expansion Through Colour, Colour Mirrors Practitioner, Colour & Numerology, Advanced Colour (Colour Combinations), The Golden Keys, The Rose Gold Divine Mothering Journey, The Gaia Journeys and themed Workshops throughout the year.