Qualified Colour Mirrors Practitioner & Teacher
Beaconsfield, Bucks
United Kingdom
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I have always loved colour from playing with coloured buckets and beads as a child, to being creative with paints, papers, and fabrics as an adult. Different colours are always catching my eye and telling me something.

For many years I lived with ME/CF, depression and Adrenal Fatigue and I learnt Reiki and similar energy therapies to support me in coping with these very debilitating symptoms and gaining a more manageable life. This naturally led to me giving others these treatments and supporting them through life. However, my symptoms were still hovering in my body though I had the tools to control them.

Then I came across the Colour Mirrors System… and Wow! The missing ingredients appeared to show me the way forward. This colour therapy system reflected where I was energetically blocked with the issues I was holding onto in my subconscious mind without me even realising so. It helped me release and clear those blocks, nourished and nurtured me, and gave me the remedy. Together with good nutrition and sleep I know I am healed. Since connecting with Colour Mirrors I am able to maintain good health, lead a balanced life, and I feel more energized to embrace life and its challenges.

Since those early days of awakening and learning about myself I have trained further as a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher, and a Metatronic Light Healer, and a Silver Spheres Practitioner. This knowledge has enabled me to guide others to discover who they truly are, to find their Spiritual abilities and to live their Soul Purpose.

I can help you with:
  • becoming more self-aware
  • practical steps to move forward and insights on how to enjoy the richness of life
  • how to live from expanded awareness of self-love, joyfulness, trust and faith
  • clearing “the story” you are hanging onto in your body’s cellular memory which is blocking you from living a fulfilling life
  • colour healing to relax and centre you, to be more in balance with the earth and to help you feel lighter, brighter, stronger and more energised.

I offer:
  • One to one consultations and colour readings in my private therapy room, and via Skype in the UK and Internationally
  • Small group get-togethers exploring colour, which are fun and bring insights and nudges, and can inspire you to make changes in your life
  • The main Colour Mirrors workshops starting with the introductory course “Expansion through Colour” through to the full Practitioner Training and Advanced Colour Courses.

Working with Colour and Energy is my Joy and I would love for you to experience this for yourself and EnLighten your life. Will you accept my invitation?