Trainer of Colour Mirrors Teachers, CM Teacher and Holistic Therapist
United Kingdom
West Sussex
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I am passionate about sharing the journey of awakening and bridging change between Heaven & Earth, empowering ourselves by reconnecting to the Source within. 

The time has never been more perfect to make shifts in consciousness as we awaken to the bigger picture and realise that we are sooooo much more than what we thought.

- If you are ready to make leaps and bounds in your life...

- If you are ready to come into alignment with your higher-self and soul purpose...
- If you are ready to step into Be-ing then open the door to the Colour Mirrors system.

My personal work with clients is an opportunity to explore the bridge between soul and being physcial through the changes we are collectively making in consciousness. As we raise our consciousness and connect with our Divine selves, the Divine within, and as All.  The Colour Mirrors system is truly the most wonderful and effective tool I have found to work with which I add to my other training which also encompasses a 7 year acting career and a 15 year career as a television producer. I work creatively and intuitively helping clients to bridge spiritual with physical existence.

I offer online and in person Colour Mirrors training throughout the year as well as having created a unique course following The Eight Spiritual Principles of the Colour Mirrors system which I offer as a course and received this lovely testimony;

"I’m in deep gratitude for Katherine’s magical guidance through our journey to explore and move through the 8 spiritual principles.I felt so supported throughout by Katherine’s gentle light-infused energy, (her light language felt like such a divine treat!) the wonderful colour mirrors bottles & messages, colour-full workbook and guidance of the spiritual principles as we moved through the chakras, with time each month for deep exploration and healing.
As someone who has always felt deeply spiritual and not very comfortable in my body, I quickly realised that I’ve done some spiritual bypassing, particularly with energy stored in my lower chakras!
Thanks to Katherine, these past months have been deeply healing and received in perfect divine timing on my personal journey.If you’re ready for some deep exploration and healing in a supportive light-infused group space, I highly recommend this journey with Katherine".

My work encompasses Mind, Body and Soul offering combinations such as holistic massage and applied bio-mechanics to help the body release adapted patterns as well as bringing in my other areas of interest (EFT, HeartMath, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry).

I share on my Facebook page, Reconnect: Source Within, about the Colour Mirror bottles, both written and in video format daily, with a YouTube site for archive.

With love, light and joy,

Katherine Louise Jones