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Certified Crystal Practitoner and Advanced Crystal Master
United States

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I didn't create originally was a name my sister in law gifted me for my first character in World of Warcraft. I identified with it as some magical aspect of myself that I could be and escape from the real world. Over time I lost myself and found myself in a deep, dark place. In an attempt to feel better, I started questioning things and started exploring energy healing. I've come to accept that I'm a celestial being that has forgotten everything and that I'm here to experience...and ultimately I'd like to experience things that make my heart sing and bring me joy and contentment. Bringing my magical self out to the world, I realized, LYTHARA was not a name but a way I try to live by…

Live Your True Heart And Respect All

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy
- Certified Crystal Practitioner
- Advanced Crystal Master
Upper Clarity Stone Medicine
- Making Stone Elixirs and Formularies
- Stones for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
- Temple of Stone
- Transmuting Entities with the Cosmic Dragons of the One
- Enter the Cave
Primordial Goddess Healing
- Merlin Vortex Wheel
- Colour Mirrors Practitioner

I believe the physical body is a complex network of quartz-like liquid crystals...not to mention there are crystals within our body. It is through the energy body that this crystalline structure resonates with the vibrational frequencies of crystals. By working with the stable frequency and geometric perfection of crystals I’m able to attune and heal your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

​My sessions, which consist of one or more healing modalities, are for stress reduction, relaxation, and mental and spiritual well-being. A crystal therapy session is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals and stones on and around the body in relaxation. The goal of a session may include realignment of your energetic frequencies and/or removal of any emotional/energetic blocks, while allowing for deep soul learning, healing and spiritual growth. Crystal therapy sessions assist us in all areas since energetic imbalances can end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues. Crystal therapy supports good health and energetic hygiene via physical and energetic crystal entrainment. Since crystal therapy is an energy healing modality, it transcends location, time, and space to work at the deepest level of your soul. Using a proxy or resonance device, I will listen and work with stones and crystals with ancient Daoist stone medicine principles (Five Element theory). This may include a single stone or more complex crystal grid. Please note that not all proxies or resonance devices will have the best appearance as these may be hand drawn. I believe that drawing out any proxy or resonance device is extremely powerful due to being involved in the process. A picture will be provided with any crystal placements and proxy. Names of crystals used in your session will be provided so you can go on your own inner journey and hear whatever messages the stones and crystals have for you.