Debra Hubers Paradis
United States - California

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Debra is a fully trained healer and teacher with over 30 years of experience and advanced training in over 30 energy modalities, including integrating Evolutionary Vibrational Remedies in her session. Her vision is to support women to live from their core essence, the place that holds your dreams, your voice, your life purpose ~ your little girl/inner child.

Her entire life Debra knew there was a supportive energy that defies the logic of her U.S.A. mid-western upbringing. In her early 20’s her own health issues started her journey into energy healing and discovering products that promoted a holistic life style. In late 90’s she completed Reiki studies and is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner/ Teacher.

Debra understands the power of incorporating NLP, Reiki, Metamorphosis, Quantum Touch, BioGenesis healing tools, Violet Flame, Star Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Color Therapy along with the angels & fairies and her limitless tool box in her sessions. It is the alchemist in her that innately knows how to use and integrate the best of each tool with a core modality. This is her Unique Signature.

Colour Mirrors (CM) came back into her life early in 2015. Over 20 years ago she offered products from Aura Soma. There was a period receiving new orders was difficult and unavailable Surprisingly at the time “Angels and Dragons” were called Colour Works aka CM. For a few years Debra was able to use them until they were no longer available in the U.S. For over 10 years Debra hasn’t been able to use a colour care system in her work.

In January, 2015 a nudge from the universe told Debra to google Colour Therapy. Colour Mirrors appeared in her life along with a wonderful connection to Anne Clark-Caya, the angel holding the light in the USA for CM.

In October 2015 she completed her training and now is certified as the first CM Practitioner in California. Debra likes to say” her core essence – her little girl has found her bliss in the Colour Mirrors bottles and spritzers.” Debra will reach CM Teacher qualification during 2016, becoming the 1st CM Practitioner/Teacher in California.

Debra’s intention is to support you in experiencing miracles and magic on a daily basis. To learn more about services available from Debra please visit Debra's Energy Points