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Colour & Numerology Colour Mirrors course
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A wonderful course that can offer a gentle introduction to the Colour Mirrros system if you are new to it; equally it's a powerful guide to understanding your unique blueprint. Katherine Louise Jones is an intutive teacher offering idepth support and insight into Colour Mirrors with her extensive knowledge and spiritual heart approach.


Total Cost - £100 with supporting material

Saturday December 11th at 11am - 3:30pm (lunch break 1-130pm)
Sunday December 12th at 11am - 3:30pm (lunch break 1-130pm)

Courses held in UK timezone on Zoom with the use of online viewing for Colour Mirrors bottles.

Colour and Numerology Testimony.
I am so grateful to Katherine for offering this training and online. This is another layer revealed for me in terms of my soul alignment and the story I tell myself and my current life lessons. 

Numerology and Colour Mirrors is such a powerful modality to not only understanding self patterning,  but also key relationships, ancestral patterning and much more and Katherine's sensitive approach and creation of sacred space for this work enabled me to really explore with her my readings.

Devoting the weekend to further my Colour Mirrors journey was so nurturing and rewarding, and I enjoyed learning and sharing together. It is clear to me that a huge amount of love has gone into developing the materials, approach and presentation and Katherine's vibration is really a safe container for this work and I am so grateful to her.

Thank you Katherine!
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