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The Goddess Awakens with Amanda Bradbury
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The Goddess Awakens – Let your Inner Diva Sing – online Colour and Astrology workshop series


The ‘divine feminine’ is a catchphrase in these times and this journey is an invitation to really feel into what this means and embody this sacred energy. We are in a collective phase now where the power is shifting from the masculine to the feminine and we are seeing signs of this happening all around us (along with the resistance to the process). To help facilitate this collective shift we can bring our energy inwards, to nourish, heal and ground ourselves during the collective awakening that may feel challenging at times.

Join us on a 3-month guided journey with an intimate group of wise women to explore the Asteroid Goddesses with the combination of Colour, Astrology, energy work and guided visualizations. The six Asteroid Goddesses we will journey with are: goddess of nourishment Ceres, Vesta and her sacred flame, goddess of sacred union Juno, the wisdom of Pallas Athena, the empowered warrior energy of Eris and the creation goddess Haumea. Each session will be devoted to one of the Asteroid Goddesses.

Discover what each Asteroid Goddess represents in terms of Astrology and myth and how this influence may be felt on a collective level. We will explore the influence of each in your own birth chart and the gifts she brings.

The six 1 ½ hour online sessions will take place twice a month by Zoom starting on Wednesday 16th February at 5 till 6.30 (to coincide with the creative Leo Full Moon).

There will be two sessions a month and the second one will be Wednesday 2nd March at 5 till 6.30 (to coincide with the beautiful Pisces New Moon). 

The fee for the 3 months series (ending in May) will be £170. As usual we will have a FB group where we can share and post information should you wish.

Get in touch by email if you would like to come along on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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