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Friday's from March - Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training with Lisa Barry
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With Lisa Barry


Starting Friday 18th March 2022 - Online

I am excited to say I am running another Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course, training beginning Friday 18th March. We will meet twice a month on zoom for 6 months for 12 sessions for 4 hours from 10am-2pm with breaks, giving you plenty of time to experience, process and explore your souls awakening journey. 

Colour is a vibration an energy which we are too, so when you see your life, your health, your relationships, your career, finances etc through the lens of colour psychology it opens up a whole new world and perspective! 

My journey with the Colour Mirrors system began many years ago and has transformed my life in so many ways and has been so supportive with all my life’s challenges and has become an everyday resource! 

My clients absolutely love working with colour and are always surprised at how perfect and spot on the insights are and what is mirrored back! 

The colour bottles reflect back to us our gifts and blocks and allow us to shift our energy and perspective which help us navigate through life’s challenges.

The Colour Mirrors System is a spiritual one and colour is the language of the soul and has been used since ancient times.

Colour is in our life everywhere and this training opens your awareness to what it means to you and allows you to have colourful conversations

What is this course all about?

Colour is the language of the Soul and has been used since ancient times to understand ourselves and our life. Colour is light, a vibration, a frequency which is exactly what we are so resonates with our energy system.

The Colour Mirrors System is exactly that, a mirror to reflect back to you your challenges and blocks in life and also your gifts and is an amazing exploration of your Soul.

We begin with an introduction of the Colour Mirrors System, Colour Psychology, What is Colour and Energy, 8 Spiritual Principles and the Chakras, our Energy Fields or Auras.

Then we move on to working through each colour and their complementaries, their psychology and past lives.

Each colour will also have guided meditations to take you to a deeper level and awareness exploring our subconscious which colour has direct access to. Also, practical exercises to add to the understanding.

Colour is all around us in every part of our life, in nature and what we see, what we wear, what we eat, how we decorate our home, in our work and during this course all those choices and awareness becomes like a manual of our life unravelling and seeing every colourful stitch in the tapestry through different eyes and a whole new understanding of yourself and your experiences. Generational, Ancestral and Past Lives patterns suddenly make sense.

It is such a powerful yet gentle, supportive system that has profound effects on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual way.

My life has completely changed since stepping into the world of the Colour Mirrors System and I look forward to guiding you through this wonderful opportunity for your Souls awakening and transformation!

Course Dates:-

Friday 10am-2pm Online

18/3     Introduction to the Colour Mirrors System, Colour, Energy, Spiritual Principles, Chakras

1/4     Red,  Pink

22/4     Coral, Orange

6/5       Gold, Pale Gold, Yellow

20/5     Olive, Green

10/6   Turquoise, Blue, Royal Blue/Indigo

24/6    Platinum, Blue-Lilac, Violet

8/7      Magenta, Copper

22/7     Black, White

5/8      Readings, Past Lives, Colour Combinations

19/8     Business Module, how to create your CM Business or incorporate with your current work

2/9      Chakra Balancing, Readings, Connection, Completion (Option to meet in person )

Introduction Mirrors System, Colour, Energy, Spiritual Principles and Chakras

Cost is £1,500 with option to pay in 6 monthly instalments of £250

Purchasing one oil and one essence per colour is required (but you can order as many as you wish!) at the Practitioner rate of £33 to allow the experiential experience and feel into each colour.

There will be time in between sessions to process and work with the colours on every level to really feel into what it means to you in your life. There will be a private FB group for those who wish to share anything to feel supported and part of an intimate shared experience.  

Each session will begin with time to share which is always so beneficial for everyone as when a group comes together there is always a shared resonance and the group that comes together is always organised by much higher powers from the Universe!

To register or any questions or to have a chat to find out more please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to my website


Lisa x

What my current students say about taking the Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course and journey!

'What I have loved so far in my Colour Mirrors journey is the duality of colour. How it can uncover and then heal, how it raises questions and gives answers, how it can reflect darkness, transitioning into beauty. However you choose to use this soul enhancing system, you will not escape being moved, being surprised, being joyful, being stirred and being immersed in the wonderment and beauty that the vibration of colour does bring. There’s something about this course, that my human voice doesn’t have the words for, and that’s it really, this system goes beyond this planet, into the stars, the cosmos into all that is and then bounces magically back again into an oil or essence, earthed and full of starry light. It truly is everything. It truly is us. It truly is love.' 

'I have a vague memory of my Aunt using 'coloured bottles' and playing with them when I was around 6 years old. That memory has stayed with me my entire life. This year, it was finally right for me to start my Colour Mirrors journey, and become a practitioner. When I found Lisa, and commenced my training, my world opened up, it began to make sense, I started to understand why I am who I am. If you feel you know there is something 'more' or perhaps something challenging you being able to be your best Colour Life!'

'The Colour Mirrors Practitioner's Course allowed me to find my tribe! Having struggled to find meaning in life as I knew it and with a strong urge to find out why I felt like I did, I crossed paths with Lisa Barry. The learnings throughout the course - the wisdom, the clarity, the 'WOWness', simply makes sense, and has changed me and how I live my life forever'.

'As a Colour Therapy and Holistic Therapy practitioner, I use the Colour Mirrors system both as a unique offering and also in collaboration with my other services to bring value, depth and confirmation to my clients. As a true believer in root cause, not symptom-based treatment, Colour Mirrors is an honest, effective and remarkable addition to my service portfolio'

'Lisa is professional, gentle, understanding and patient when teaching the Colour Mirrors Practioner's Course. Her encyclopedic knowledge and inclusive, non-judgemental attitude to everything and everyone, makes my journey even more special'.

- 'I am currently on Lisa’s Colour Mirrors Practitioners Course. I am absolutely loving every minute of it. This is truly an amazing course on so many levels. Each week we explore different colours in such depth with beautiful meditations, sharings and learnings. Not only are the colour mirror bottles and essences so interesting in themselves but what comes out of your engagement with them is quite literally life changing.  Lisa’s way of sharing her knowledge and expertise is such a big part of this course and her professionalism, kindness and compassion shines through every week. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone’

'I first took my Practitioners training back in 2017.  The course, my wonderful teacher Korani and the system changed my life in countless positive ways.  When I had the opportunity to retake Practitioners again, I was thrilled to have the chance to re visit that life enhancing experience once again.  I have been re enthralled, re inspired and once again uplifted to a new level of exploration of this magical system.  Lisa is a truly gifted teacher, each of us on this course is held, nurtured and gently encouraged towards life changing realisations about ourselves and our path forward.  I can only begin to express my admiration for Lisa as a teacher, the Colour Mirrors system and our group of souls who each week know WHY we meet together.  The whole experience is beautiful, soul searching and empowering.  I cannot begin to recommend Lisa’s course enough.  Thanks to her my journey continues on an enlightened path'

'As a Colour & Holistic Therapist, I use the Colour Mirrors System both as a unique offering and also in collaboration with my other services to bring value, depth and confirmation for my clients. As a true believer in root cause, not symptom-based treatment, Colour Mirrors is an honest, effective, remarkable and magical addition to my portfolio. Simply Perfect!'

Lisa Barry is a phenomenal woman. The time I had and will continue to have with her and my fellow colour journeying souls is so very special. Lisa is a professional, gentle, understanding and patient teacher. Her encyclopedic knowledge and her inclusive acceptance of everything and everyone has made my journey to Light even more special. I am sooooo looking forward to my next courses with her and the other wonderful Colour Mirrors Practitioners.'

I can’t believe that the end of this amazing Colour Mirrors course is more than halfway through. There is soo much to learn - far more than I had imagined but Lisa’s relaxed and supportive teaching and guiding really does make it an exciting journey of discovery. I’m learning to use and notice colour more and more. I’m also fascinated with Lisa’s insights. Thank you Lisa and I hope many more will feel motivated to join your courses.

Using the essences for support be it calming, energising, soothing or connection has been so helpful in so many incidences. Just breathing in and then reading up to find the magic in my choice(s). Bathing in the essences has also been rewarding! The wisdom in the book and Lisa’s input has helped me grow and I will use the skills in my practice one day!

Thank you Lisa!

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