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As a guideline to help you feel a way into studying colour, we have presented the flow of Colour Mirrors courses to help you plan ahead should you wish to become a colour practitioner. There are, however, many courses you can attend simply for your own personal growth which do not follow a step-by-step process and we encourage you to feel for yourself the courses you are most drawn to for your own healing and transformation.

Colour Mirrors Expansion through Colour - 2 day course

This is a wonderful introduction to colour with playful exercises and healing for personal, business and spiritual transformation. It is the recommended course to attend before Colour Practitioner training. It provides a deep and powerful "spiritual healing through colour" experience and allows you to sample what Colour Mirrors has to offer. 

Colour Mirrors Colour and Numerology - 1 day course

Learn to do life path / soul readings for yourself and others. Gain clarity on your life path, life lessons and gifts. See your date of birth and name in colour. This is a wonderful opportunity to see visually and feel the vibration of a new name or business name you are sending out through the colours.

Colour Mirrors Additional Colour - 1 day course

Enhance your experience of the Colour Practitioner course by exploring further into how the chakras and chakra bottles are interconnected. Gain deep insights and transformation. Find out what is really going on in a client’s reading as you observe how the complementary colours work “behind the scenes”.

Colour Mirrors Advanced Colour - Colour Combinations - 2 day course

Colour combinations bring another level to our understanding of colour, revealing patterns and possibilities. This highly experiential course expands on what you have learned as a practitioner and provides further powerful insights, information and tools to use with your clients and to enhance your own journey with colour.

Colour Mirrors Colour and Astrology 1 - 2 day course

Explore the connections between colour and Astrology. Gain a more profound understanding of your soul path, life lessons, soul purpose and deepen your understanding of the planetary bottles. Learn how to interpret an astrological chart, giving you more clarity on your spiritual journey.

Colour Mirrors Colour and Astrology 2 - 2 day course

Deepen your experience of colour and Astrology, develop your understanding of Astrological interpretation and explore links with Numerology. Make further connections between the Colour Mirrors system and Astrology, bringing in new insight and wisdom to your journey with colour and in your own life.

Colour Mirrors Pratitioner of Colour Certification 8 - 10 days in person

Immerse yourself in the world of colour with this 8 to 10 day practitioner training. Rich and rewarding this practical, hands on training will give you the foundation to work with the oils and essences in the Colour Mirrors system.  You'll explore the psychology of colour with each colour in the specturm and corresponding bottles in the Colour Mirrors system. This course is the keystone in understanding yourself and your clients in a deeper way with a framework of teachings, exercises and meditations. We have many teachers across the globe offering Colour Mirrors practitioner training with most offering online training - this varies in duration from 4 to 6 months depending on teacher. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Colour Mirrors Teacher of Colour - 5 day course

Continue your colour journey into deeper layers, further insights and huge transformation. Train to teach Expansion Through Colour, Colour and Numerology and Colour Practitioner courses. Open up to a whole new world of teaching as well as further personal, business and spiritual development for yourself and others.

Melissie’s Workshops

Various lengths and topics - take the opportunity to learn from Melissie whenever you can! Melissie will be in UK delivering a workshop on Saturday 16th December 2023 so do come and meet us! For details and interest please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to register for courses:

Some of our Teacher's list their courses on the Colour Mirrors website so do have a look at the website Events.
If your course is not in the diary, make contact with Katherine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and register your interest for future courses.
You can view our list of Colour Mirorrs Global Teachers here.

Additional Courses

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