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Jasper Oils are beautifully fragranced, luxury bath and body oils which are mindfully made with kind intentions to create a space of self-love for your highest good.

Each oil has an intention - much like Masaru Emoto’s work with water (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8) we’ve created the oils with a specific intention in mind. Quantum physics has proven that by changing the intention we can literally change the molecular structure of what we’re focusing on.We use our extensive knowledge of Reiki, Colour Therapy, Crystal energies, Kinesiology and focused intention to ensure that each of the oils holds the vibration of the emotion we intend for the oils to have.

The oils are fragranced with essential oils, so they smell lovely and can be used as bath oils, massage oils, as a perfume, or body oil, the Argan oil also makes them great for hair and nail care.Each of the essential oils used are specific to that intention and will add to the overall feeling we’ve intended.

Part of our journey is to ensure that EVERYONE that encounters Jasper Oils’ lives are enriched. To that end we employ women in our communities educating and upskilling them to make the oils. In so doing they too get to benefit from the magic.Each batch of oils are hand-made and hand-poured in micro batches to ensure quality.
The base oil ingredients include a huge amount of compassion, love and kindness as well as coconut, joboba, vitamin E, Argan oil and essential oils: Frankincense for healing scars (physical and emotional) relaxation, mitigating feelings of depression and boosting all the other essential oils; Cedarwood for deprogramming old patterns and oxygenating cells; and Geranium for healing, supporting cell growth, and anti-aging.They are all hand-made with real love and compassion for the planet and those on-board, so are completely cruelty free.

The Range includes 8 Oils:

#1 : Love (pale coral- pink with sparkles)
The highest intention for this oil is to create love: if we start with loving ourselves we create a space for love to flow through and to us and around the planet. Love yourself so that we can all benefit from that loving light!It will also reduce scars both emotional and physical so the blocks are removed that stop us from allowing love in.Key notes are rose and grapefruit which enhance passion, vitality and confidence.  

#2 : Abundance (rose gold)
The energy of this oil is abundance. It helps replace any feelings of lack with awareness of the joyful fullness of life.  It will encourage a feeling of creativity, luxury and revelry. The key notes are Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Patchouli for awakening, joy and sensuality.  

#3 : Gratitude (sable)
The highest intention for this oil is for the user to be in gratitude for all of life’s blessings. Giving thanks makes you happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, it improves health and reduces stress – it’s an anti-dote to fear. The key notes are sandalwood and vanilla for warmth, harmony and wisdom.

#4 : Bliss (solid gold)
To be in bliss is to be in complete happiness. This oil will encourage a feeling of utter contentment. It will create a space of bliss and help to find the energy to follow your bliss.It allows you to bask in joy.Key notes are honeysuckle and nectarine for love and creativity.

#5 : Hope (pale olive)
The highest intention for this oil is to create hope for the future, for new beginnings and fresh new starts. It creates an expectation of positive outcomes and optimism in all areas.Key notes are basil and lemongrass which enhance purpose and enthusiasm. 

#6 : Grace (soft mint green)
The highest intention is to create a state of grace for the user – to reconnect with the delicious Divine in you. It enables you to live life with elegance and generosity of spirit.Key notes are jasmine and mint for optimism, inspiration and harmony.

#7 : Serenity (light blue)
This is a go to first aid bottle to calm nerves, create peace and cultivate serenity. It cools in the heat and in the heat of the moment. It also really helps with any irritations – including insect bites, burns and petty arguments.Key notes are peppermint and chamomile for calming and creating awareness and clarity. 

#8 : Inner Strength (clear)
This oil helps you to regain confidence in your amazingness. It awakens the inner strength needed to create your dream life. It helps heal issues around addictions.Key notes are black pepper and lime for fearlessness, warmth and motivation.
Sweethearts please use wisely, these are purely for external use. If you have any allergies please consult your physician before using, and obviously they’re oily so don’t get them on your glad rags.