Live Guided Meditations

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Amethyst Meditation

Take a healing journey into an Amethyst cave and allow the energy to bring things back to a normal, perfect state.

Blue Room Meditation

Breath blue into each energy centre to release, clear and heal.

Buddha, Quan Yin, Mary and Christ Meditation

Allow Buddha’s energy of compassion and wisdom, Quan Yin’s energy of mercy and Mother Mary and Christ’s unconditional love and acceptance to remind you of who ...

Dreams and Intentions Meditation

What do you want to create in your life?

Flame of Transformation Meditation

Step into the flame of transformation to burn off everything that holds you back from your truth.

Forest River Meditation

Let the magical water wash away all those old ideas before meeting your higher self in a golden pyramid.

Golden Chamber of Healing Meditation

A journey under the water to a golden city where you enter a healing chamber in a golden pyramid.

I AM Meditation

Meet a higher aspect of yourself and together look back on your life to see that all has been perfect.

Light into the Chakras Meditation

Allow golden light energy to expand and open all the chakras.

Lion Meditation

Take a journey with the golden lions to a pyramid to remind you of your true essence and why you are here.

Merkaba Meditation

A journey with a guide into a pyramid. Activate your 7th sense and the vastness of the Universe.

Mineral Plant Animal Kingdoms Meditation

Connect yourself with the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. I am.

Mother Father Meditation

Meet your mother and father in a divine light.

Past Life Regression Meditation

Journey to a past life for understanding and healing.

Pleiadian Meditation

Meet your Pleiadian self and remember that you are the expanded light of the divine and spread golden light right around the planet.

Pyramid of Light Meditation

Stand in the centre of the pyramid of light, remember who you are and expand the light.

Reconnect with Bliss Meditation

A journey back to an experience of pure bliss, a time of non-separation and bringing that knowing and bliss back into this moment.

Violet Light Chakra Meditation

Allowing violet light into all the chakras.

Who Am I Meditation

Journey across the sea into a temple where an ancient master awaits to remind you of who you are and what you came to do.