Moira Bush
Teacher and Therapist
Trainer of Colour Mirrors Teachers

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Phone: +1 416 550 1005

Moira offers a wide range of Certified Colour Mirrors Courses and has shared the wisdom of Melissie’s teachings internationally since 2002. Her love of exploring and playing with the system resulted in her creating specialised training programmes and a new healing system that showcases just how powerfully these bottles of light can help transform lives and how versatile the system is. What makes Colour Mirrors so exciting is that it can be used as a stand alone practice and enhances any other teaching or methodology of healing.

Moira incorporates the Colour Mirrors philosophy and colour bottles in Group and Video Programmes including: God & Money: Identifying the Devils running your Finances and The Wheel of Fortune. These programmes are available through the SourceTV platform and help you identify and shift stuck shadow archetypes and show you how to consciously manifest abundance in its truest form; a balance of Love, Money and Joy.

During 2012, based on the 6 Silver Gaia bottles G28 to G33, a new healing system called Silver Spheres evolved that uses the body’s chakra system as a channel for multi-dimensional healing energy. This system is futuristic and to date only a handful of people have recognised the frequency - where or how Silver Spheres is going to evolve further is still a colourful mystery.

With Melissie’s guidance a set of Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards were created and you can enjoy free Mini-Meditations and an Angel Reading on Moira’s website for each of the cards. The deck of 44 cards and the monthly free YouTube Card Readings are self-help tools to help you explore Colour Mirrors and the spiritual psychology that underpins this system.

Moira states that Colour Mirrors saved her, not just her life but her very soul. And it is her passion to be available as a Teacher, Mentor and Public Speaker, sharing the self-empowerment process offered by colour.

Born in South Africa she immigrated to England during 2001 and lived there till 2015 when she moved to Ontario, Canada with her husband Paul. Moira practices as a Spiritual Entrepreneur and you can contact her for Colour Readings, Courses and Presentations.