Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher
Victoria Pitt 2022
Reiki Master Teacher


Mobile: 07971 238082

Victoria's work is her soul calling - passionate about sharing from her own experiences and practice, she has spent the last two decades dedicated to pursuing a path of truth, self discovery, learning and unlearning, in order to become the insightful guide she is today.

A qualified Reiki Master Teacher and Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher offering these modalities to support people in resting into a deeper sense of self awareness.

Victoria guides clients into creating space to begin to gain clarity around areas of life that may be causing confusion and suffering.

Victoria meets with clients online and in the comfort of her beautiful country home in Shropshire.

Victoria’s life is spent enjoying time with her beautiful family, including her four dogs, two cats and two micro pigs. She is also a keen advocate for supporting nature and wildlife organically, which is reflected in the myriad of visitors seen at home each day.