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United Kingdom - Dorset

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My love for Colour Mirrors goes back many years to my first meeting with it in 2004 and my training as a practitioner and teacher in 2005. It is still the most powerful and extraordinary healing tool I have ever come across and I love to use it in a myriad of ways to facilitate and support you on your path of awakening to higher consciousness. One of my joys is to guide those who are on a conscious Ascension path and I have written several books based around the Colour Mirrors system to support you in this process: "The Language of Light", "A Book of Platinum Light" (e-book) and "Colour Conversations" (e-book).  I also had the privilege of editing Melissie's book, "What the Seeker Found" and together we have co-produced an in-depth book about the Colour Mirrors system, "The Wisdom of Colour Mirrors".  It is an honour to work closely alongside Melissie in the unfolding adventure that is Colour Mirrors and I especially enjoy witnessing the powerful shifts that take place as people engage with this system in their own unique ways.

For many years I offered all levels of Colour Mirrors training, from the introductory "Expansion Through Colour" course, to full Practitioner training, Advanced Colour courses and Teacher Training, wth Colour Combinations being a particular area of specialisation.  These days my focus has shifted but I do still offer occasional training courses, particularly Teacher training and Advanced Colour and am always open to requests!

In 2012 I asked Melissie to create a set of Starlights, a kind of unofficial 'offshoot' of the Colour Mirrors system.  This set of 24 coloured oils and essences connect us with the beautiful frequencies of light and energy of the stars. It is my joy to offer workshops where you can experience for yourself the power, beauty, grace and light of these energies and reconnect with the wisdom and integrity of your stellar self. I also frequently devise new courses and online programmes which are either based around Colour Mirrors or include it.  All my work is designed to help you transmute density into lightness and resistance into flow. I love to access and anchor cosmic Divine energies and bring them into form as colour Light Grids and a spoken form of Light Language. Those who connect with these grids and transmissions report finding them inspiring, empowering, uplifting, expansive and transformational.

I offer workshops in the UK, and internationally. Originally from New Zealand, I am blessed to live in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, England.